Durham & Cleveland SRA League Rules 2019


1                MANAGEMENT

a)          The League shall be known as the “Wellsprings Properties Limited Durham & Cleveland SRA League” and there shall be an entrance fee for each team to be paid before 1st October each year.  Non payment by this deadline may deem the team ineligible to play that season.

b)           The Competition shall be arranged in divisions.

c)            All clubs taking part must be affiliated to England squash.  

d)           Each affiliated club may enter one or more teams.

e)           The League will be run by the League Secretary and overseen by D&C Committee

2                PLAYER NOMINATIONS

a)        Team players must be a bona fide member of the club and a current member of England Squash. If a player is found not to be registered, or ineligible for breach of any other rule a 3-0 win will be awarded to the opposing team for the ineligible player and those below.

b)        Team nominations shall be submitted to the League Secretary before the first match  of the season and bimonthly thereafter.

 (i.e end of September,  November w/c 4th , January w/c  6th, February w/c 24th)

A list of nominations will be available on the website. www.dcsra.co.uk (via link to Leaguemaster)

c)         Clubs must inform the League Secretary of any intention to nominate players who have not previously been nominated in the current season before they play a game.  No player may be added to the nominations after February 28.

d)        All players including reserves shall be nominated according to order of merit within the club and the selection of teams shall conform to the nominated club merit order.   Players may play in a higher position than they are nominated but not lower. When a club has two or more teams playing at different venues on the same night with reserves playing at a higher position than nominated at least 3 of the players in the higher team must be ranked higher than their equivalent player in the lower team.  When two teams from the same club play against each other the teams must play in strict nomination order. Failure to comply with this will result in both teams forfeiting all points.

e)        If a player has not played one in any of their first four games, they will be ghosted out until they have played.

f)         Each player may play a maximum of 20 matches per season. If a player is asked to play for a Premier division team, it will not count against the 20 match rule.  If a player exceeds their full quota of matches they become ineligible (see Rule 2a).

g)        No person shall represent more than one club during the season, except as allowed by the Committee.

3                FIXTURES

a)        Clubs will receive their new season’s fixtures during the first week of July. They will then have 3 weeks, with a cut off of the end of July to rearrange any of those fixtures, which then must be reported to the League Secretary so that those changes can be updated on Leaguemaster. Once the season starts, all fixtures must be played on the nominated date.

Team games will be played on the following nights; 

• Monday Men’s Division 2. 

• Tuesday Men’s Premier and Ladies. 

• Wednesday Men’s Division 1 and Men’s Division 4. 

• Thursday Men’s Division 3.

 If a club has two teams in the same division, one team will play a home match while, the other an away match. There will be some allowed exceptions to this rule.



b)           If a match is cancelled, an immediate and non reversible penalty of 10 points for the cancelling team will be imposed.


 i)             Note: The Committee will rule on individual cases e.g. severe weather warnings. Single team clubs  in division 2 or below  may occasionally be permitted some leeway - the Committee must be informed promptly.

c)            Any cancelled fixture must be rearranged before 1st April.  The cancelling team must notify the League Secretary of the new date within 2 weeks of the original fixture date.

d)           All League matches must be played before  1st April unless there are exceptional circumstances as approved by the Committee.  For any unplayed fixture, the Committee will act as a panel at the end of the season and award points for walkovers up to a maximum of 15 points per match.

e)           If the unplayed match is one of the last 2 of the season, penalty points incurred may be carried forward to the following season.

f)            Clubs wishing to withdraw a team can only drop the bottom team.

g)           Ladies’ teams may enter the Men’s as well as the Ladies’ Leagues.

h)           Where a Club has 2 teams in the same division those teams must play one fixture before 31st October and the second fixture before 31st January.

4                MATCH MANAGEMENT

a)           Each team shall play 2 matches, one at home and one away against each other, unless determined by the Committee.

b)         Unless agreed by the two captains (or their representatives) the playing order shall be 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and any player arriving more than one hour after the appointed match start time may forfeit their match. This may result in every individual match below this forfeit string also being forfeited. The adjudicator in such cases will be the League Secretary.

c)            Scoring systems must be used as follows:

                                                  i)        Premier Division  PAR to 11 (point a rally)

                                                ii)       Divisions 1& 2 PAR to 13 (point a rally)

                                              iii)       Divisions 3 & 4 PAR to 15 (point a rally)

                                              iv)       Ladies’ Divisions 1 & 2 PAR to 15 (point a rally)

d)           Points system: Teams shall score one point for each individual game won. The winning team will score an additional four bonus points for a win.


                                           i)          Example: A v B 3-2, 2-3, 3-1, 0-3, 3-0.

                                         ii)          A          11 points + 4 points       =      15 points

                                       iii)          B            9 points + 0 points        =        9 points

e)           The bonus points will only awarded when teams consist of 5 eligible players.

f)          All matches shall be marked/refereed and the organisation of suitable officials is the responsibility of the home team captain.  Both captains shall agree results and scores after the match.  The winning team captain is responsible for submitting the results to Leaguemaster.  A maximum of 24 hours will be allowed from the time of the game being played and the score being submitted. If this time is exceeded the winning team will receive a 2 point penalty.

g)        The Dunlop Double Yellow dot squash ball will be used unless both Captains agree to an alternative Dunlop squash ball.


a)        At the end of the season the team in Men’s Premier Division with the greatest number of points shall be the winner of the League Championship. In Ladies’ Division 1 the team with the greatest number of points shall be the winner of the League Championship. 

b)        In the event of a tie on points affecting League Champions or promotion or relegation, the tied teams shall be required to play off.  The deciding match shall be within two weeks of the final match of the season at a place and time to be determined by the Committee. Players must have played three times for the club this season to be eligible for the play-off game. The teams shall play in the nominated order of merit at the end of the season.

c)            The bottom team in the Premier Division will have the option to be demoted to the First Division if they wish to do so. The winners of the Men’s Division 1 will have the option to be promoted to the Premier Division if they wish to do so. There will be 2 teams promoted and relegated between all other Men’s divisions.


a)            Any player, including reserves, must have played at least 3 matches for their club to be eligible to play in the Premier Division after December 31st. If injury prevents a player from competing in the first half of the season, the committee should be made aware of the situation as soon as possible. The Committee will rule on any disputes: this may, on rare occasions, include substantiation of claims.

b)          All Men’s Premier Division matches must be played on a Tuesday night and must use the PAR to 11 (point a rally) scoring system. 

c)          Any team deemed to be competitive enough can apply for entry to the Premier Division without going through the division promotion procedure.

7                GENERAL

a)        Changes to the Wellsprings Properties Limited Durham & Cleveland League format and rules shall be agreed by the Durham & Cleveland SRA Annual General Meeting where practical, or at the discretion of the Committee when required.

b)          All disputes and queries shall be submitted in writing to the League Secretary, within seven days. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

c)            England Squash Rules and Code of Conduct will apply to all League matches.

d)           England Squash Clothing regulations will be applied, unless otherwise stated.